Services Offered

Fire Glow Distributors is proud to provide service for pellet, gas, and wood appliances. Our technicians are certified by our manufacturers to provide the best service available for all the products we sell and so much more. We offer both in-house service and service appointments for gas and pellet appliances.

Service Appointments:

  • Gasket replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Screen Replacements for fireplaces
  • Specialty in-house work on pellet or gas appliances

In-House Services:
  • Annual cleaning for Gas and Pellet Stoves
  • Troubleshooting
  • Introduction and Start-Up after Installation

For pellet and gas appliances primarily. We have two technicians who work by appointment from Tuesday through Saturday. First appointment of the day is 9:30am. Appointments are approximately two hours in length.

Please Note: Our technicians are certified in the products that we sell. However, gas appliances have some universal parts, which means we can service most gas products. Pellet stoves are more brand specific. We have steady access to parts for our own appliances, but any parts that are brand specific will have to be purchased elsewhere.

Annual Service:

To keep your appliance in working order and to ensure it lasts as long as possible, we recommend a thorough annual cleaning for any appliance. This is completed in the late spring or summer, after your appliance has been turned off for the winter. A proper service will ensure that your appliance starts back up in the fall with little to no issues.

What we need from you: if you purchased the appliance from us, we may have some information but just in case, be sure you have:

  • Make and model of the appliance.
  • Approximate date of last service.
Pellet Appliances: Annual service for a pellet appliance includes a thorough cleaning of the appliance. The technician comes in and takes the stove apart to get to the delicate parts of the stove that don't see a regular cleaning during the burn season. This is highly recommended as Pellet appliances are full of electronic equipment and a cleaning prior to winter makes start up easier.

Gas Appliances: Annual service for gas appliances includes cleaning of the valves and logs, along with any electronics that may exist in the set up of your appliance. We recommend a yearly cleaning to facilitate the operation of the appliance.


Sometimes things go wrong with your appliance. As with most things, this tends to happen at the worst possible times. Or maybe something is making a funny sound, a part is broken, or it just isn't working. We always encourage you to call our showroom first because sometimes all you need is a simple fix, but if you're unsure what the problems is or just aren't comfortable replacing a part, we can schedule a service technician to come out.

What we need from you: If you purchased the appliance from us, we may have some information, but just in case, be sure you have:

  • Make and model of the appliance.
  • Approximate last date of service.
  • Description of the problem: any noises, problem codes, etc.

To Turn off your appliance and let it cool down BEFORE your scheduled appointment.

Pellet Appliances: Pellet appliances are electronic, which means they have sensitive and brand-specific parts. Some problems can be easily fixed through simple examination and cleaning by our technicians, while other issues may require replacement parts.
For appliances purchased with us, replacement parts can easily be ordered or are already on hand in our warehouse. However, if the pellet appliance is older or comes from a different manufacturer, we cannot get replacement parts. In these cases, our technicians will do their best to direct you to what part you need to get your appliance up and running.

Gas Appliances: Gas appliances can have a wide range of problems from extinguished pilot lights to remote malfunctions. Perhaps a clog in the line. With any problems you cannot solve yourself, our technicians will be there to help.

Unlike with pellet stoves, parts for gas appliances tend to be universal, which means we have access to replacement parts for more than just the units we sell. However, if a part is specialized, we will not be able to get the part unless we also sell that appliance.

Introduction and Start-Up After Installation:

This service is typically offered on gas appliances. Our technician returns after the appliance is installed and the plumber has connected the gas to make sure your unit is running with optimal efficiency. At this time, you will also get a crash course in how to use your appliance, along with basic maintenance.

Glass and Gasket Replacement

While glass and gasket replacement can be done by the appliance owner, our knowledgeable staff can take care of the messy business for you. Whether your gasket has worn too thin or you've cracked the glass on your door, Fire Glow can get and install the replacement parts while you wait in the store.

What you need to bring: the door that needs to be fixed*

Screen Replacements

This service is offered for Wood Fireplaces where the doors have a hanging mesh curtain. While the doors may be fine, the screen may get rusty or bent and broken as it ages. We have the ability to cut and assemble new screen to fit your fireplace in-house!

What you need to bring: The screen (or as much of it as you can get)*
Cost: Parts

Specialty In-House Work

While we prefer to do service on gas and pellet appliances by appointment, if you have an appliance in question that needs work, we can do service in-house. The appliance will have to be brought in by the homeowner. This service takes longer than an appointment. The appliance will be dropped off and then the owner called once the issue is identified and again when service is completed. This is typically done when the normal service appointment is not enough to fix the issues with the appliance.

What you need to bring: The appliance.
Costs: Parts and Labor *If you are unsure how to remove a door or screen, please give us a call at (914) 248-7775 and we will be happy to talk you through it over the phone.