Chimneys should be capped for various reasons:  keeping the rain out, preventing animals from getting down the chimney, ensuring the proper air flow thru the chimney, keeping sparks from flying out, just to name a few. Before you come in, make sure you know what type of chimney you have, how many flues, and the size of chimney so we can help you to the best of our ability. Note: metal chimneys have multiple walls depending on age and type so take this into account.

For masonry (clay tile) chimneys, there are a variety of caps available. They range from the wide selection of metal and painted stainless steel that we stock in our spacious warehouse to stone or clay ones in a variety of shapes that we can easily order from our manufacturers. These caps can fit one per flue.  If the chimney has multiple flues, each flue could be capped or one cap over all depending on distance between the flues and the size of the chimney overall.  

Caps for metal chimneys can be a little more complicated than masonry. Metal chimneys were tested with specific chimney caps, especially fireplaces. Therefore, the best cap is the one designed for that chimney system. The manufacturer and model of the chimney would be needed.  This is usually located on the pipe.  Measurements of the diameter of the pipes will help.


    Band Around Chimney Cover
    Material choices: Aluminum, Stainless steel
    Sizes: Custom made
    -Covers are custom made to fit any chimney
    -Hood overhangs masonry approximately 3" on all sides
    -Attaches securely to chimney with 2.25" draw band
    -Four adjustable corner clamps to provide ample flexible for proper fit
    -Aluminum covers can be built to fit any size chimney. Most recommended for most applications.
    -Stainless steel can be made for sizes up to 38" wind and 86" long
    -9" braces are standard
    -12", 15", and 18" braces are available
    Big Top Multi-flue cap
    Material choices: Copper, stainless steel, black printed Galvanized Steel
    Sizes: Stock sizes available plus custom sized options
    -24 gauge metal (copper plated 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, galvanized steel)
    -Available with hinged mounting flanges or non-hinged
    -Copper metal mesh available in 9", 12", and 14" height only
    -Stainless steel and galvanized mesh available in 8", 10", and 14" heights
    Damper Sealing
    Lyemance Energy-Saving Damper
    Sizes: 8x8, 9x13, 13x13, 13x18, 17x17, 12' round
    -Cast iron construction
    - Rubber gasket seals tightly, to help eliminate drafts
    - Mounts to top of chimney
    - 40' cable and handle allows easy operation for opening and closing damper from inside the firebox.
    Chim-A-Lator Deluxe top selling damper
    Sizes: 8 x 13, 13 x 13
    - 100 % Stainless steel
    - Lifetime warranty
    - Comes fully assembled for fast and easy bolt on installation
    - Spark arrestor
    - Tight seal on top of chimney, keeps heat in when fireplace is not in use.
    - Prevents down draft smoking caused by wind
    - Keeps out animals, birds, insects, bees, rain, leaves, wind and airplane noise
    - 30' cable and handle allows easy operations for opening and closing damper from inside the firebox.
    Draft King
    Material choices:
    Copper, Stainless Steel, Black painted Galvanized Steel
    See brochure

    - 24 gauge metal
    -18 gauge u00beu201d expanded mesh
    - Expanded metal mesh turned inward at base to allow cover to rest firmly on tile closing any openings around tile
    - Outside band mounting provides greater free air-space for better draft
    - Optional heavy-duty leg kit, Stainless or galvanized steel only
    - Fire Glow stocks stainless steel caps that are painted black
    Skirt Type Chimney Cover
    Material choices: Aluminum, Stainless steel, or Copper
    Sizes: Custom made
    - Covers are custom made to fit any chimney
    - Hood overhangs masonry approximately 1u201d on al sides
    - 4u00beu201d skirt protects cement crown from deterioration due to weather
    - Eight stainless steel screws hold the cover securely onto the corners, exact measurements are needed for all four sides of the chimney, since there is no adjustment in the skirt base
    - Aluminum covers can be built to fit any size chimney. Most recommended for most applications
    -Stainless steel can be made for sizes up to 38u201d wind and 86u201d long
    -8u201d braces are standard
    -12u201d, and 15u201d braces are available

    Liner Cap

    Material choices: Stainless Steel
    Sizes: 6", 7", 8", 9", 11", 12" (other sizes need to be ordered)
    - 100% 304 stainless steel
    - Completely assembled with welded construction
    - Liner cap easily mounted with 2" draw band and slotted hex-head bolts and nuts
    - Removable 18.75" gauge expanded stainless steel mesh
    - Stainless steel double-clamp draw band
    - 24 gauge single piece hood
    - 24 gauge base
    - 18 gauge braces

    Selkirk Oil/Wood Chimney Cap

    Sizes: 6", 7", 8", 10"
    - 100% stainless steel
    - 6", 7", 8" caps designed to slide down over the outside of chimney with a cinch band to hold the top firmly in places.
    - 10" caps designed with squeeze collar that fits inside chimney pipe with set screw to secure place

    ZC Fireplace Chimney Caps
    - Termination caps for select pre-fab fireplace chimney systems
    - FMI, Majestic, Heatilator
    - Galvanized steel
    - Double or triple wall
    - If you donu2019t know fireplace make and model, measure diameters of each pipe (most systems consist of 2 pipes but some have 3). Fire Glow may be able to assist you with determining the proper cap for your chimney system.
    Cooley caps--galvanized steel simple caps, round sizes
    Most metal chimneys use that manufacturer's caps