Tool Sets

What purpose will these tools be used for?

  • Fireplace-varying tool heights available
  • Stove-sets are shorter due to smaller stove depths
  • Decoration-not meant for us
  • Poker allows you to either push or pull wood inside the fireplace
  • Tongs allow you to lift logs for better placement
  • Shovel for scooping out ash. Height of sides of shovel may be important for how you use it. Higher sides allow you to scoop more ash out in a single swipe.
  • Brush/broom is to sweep ash. This is the flammable part of tool set so think about how you want to use it. Brush heads are easy to replace. Some straw brush/broom are permanently attached to handle and not replaceable.
  • Rakes allows you to move coals around the firebox, found in stove tool sets
  • Tools can be purchased individually or as set

Tools come in various colors:

  • Black-easy to touch up with paint to make it look like new at end of season
  • Polished or Satin metals (ie brass, nickel, copper) are clear coated to keep the finish. If used in the fire, they will need to be polished
  • Combination, black and metal-easy to touch parts that go into fire while adding some bling to the fireplace
Toolset's base: solid platform (catches ash), open legs