I wanted a stove insert that could heat my entire house. I love my stove from Fire Glow. It is just so wonderful.

Josh Bayer

The quality of the products at Fire Glow is great. The service is also wonderful.

Kay Birch

I recently had an issue with my fireplace. I called Fire Glow to ask what I should do next. One of the men is a local fire fighter and he was able to walk me through the next steps before my fire blew up. It was nice to know that I could call them and have someone walk me through the steps on the phone while a serviceman was on his way.

Tina Marie

It is the little things that really sets Fire Glow Distributors apart from other fireplace stores. They send postcards every year when it is time to buy pellets. It is a great reminder especially if I am enjoying summer too much I don’t think about needing pellets until it’s too late. They also offer a early buyers special too! I have had such a great experience with Fire Glow I would recommend them to anyone looking for a fireplace.

Maureen Carroll

I can always send Gail a question through an email and I will always get a good prompt response. I know that I can trust them to clean my chimney as well to keep my family safe during the winter season.

Karen Powers

Fire Glow has everything there! The have electric, pellet, and wood burning stoves, as well as anything else you need. – Alec Parker
I like that they call to see how everything is going. They know when to check up and make sure you’re happy. They’re very personable.

Sabrina Park

I recently purchased a pellet stove from Fire Glow Distributors and I am without a doubt satisfied with how everything went. When we first went to the showroom to look around, I was so impressed with how organized all the items were laid out. All of the items for a pellet stove were together which was very convenient. The employees know their stuff and were extremely helpful.

Holly Sawyer

I received excellent service from Fire Glow for my Quadrafire pellet stove. The problem with my stove was diagnosed accurately and repaired quickly at a fair price.

Angela Shubert

We are extremely pleased with FireGlow’s products, sales team and customer service. We have purchased two pellet stoves over the past 20 years and are extremely pleased with John Meeker’s expertise and support. We also use FireGlow for our ongoing pellet supply, this Winter has been very constrained due to the severity of this harsh weather.

Jennie Malkin