Appliances that burn fuel need to be vented through a proper chimney. The chimney can be composed of masonry (brick, stone, or cement) or metal (stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel). The appliance and the fuel it uses determine the type of chimney you need. Fire Glow’s highly trained, experienced sales people can help you get your appliance matched with the correct chimney and installed to current standards.

Note: if you are replacing pipe, make sure you know the manufacturer. Most chimney pipe is only compatible with pipe of the same brand. If you aren’t sure what brand your pipe is, bring it in and we will be happy to assist you, whether it be in getting you the pipe you need or directing you to another place that can help.

Class A Chimney:  Class A Chimney pipe is for appliances like wood stoves, oil burners and certain EPA fireplaces. It’s a double wall, stainless steel pipe which can go through walls and stand outside the house. Choose from Selkirk or TLC brand chimney systems.
Pellet Chimney: This pipe is designed specifically for venting pellet appliances and works best
with them.  Fire Glow has a variety of brands in stock!

Direct Vent Chimney – Selkirk: This is for gas fireplaces and freestanding stoves.

B-vent Chimney – Selkirk: This is also called a natural air chimney. This is for something like a gas furnace.

  • B-Vent Chimney

    Round B Vent Chimney

    Purpose: Type "B" gas vent pipe to be used on approved gas burning equipment
    Sizes: Round vent pipe 3" thru 8"
    -Strong durable galvanized steel outer pipe
    -Inner aluminum pipe
    -Double wall construction with its built-in air space, provides permanent insulation that keeps the inner pipe hot and outer pipe relatively cool
    -Tested and listed per UL441
    -Locktabu00ae system for non-positional pipe fitting used in installation, no need for sheet metal screws
    Installation requirements:
    -1" clearance to combustible material
    -Follow appliance's installation manual

  • Class A Chimney

    Selkirk Ultra-Temp Platinum Series Chimney

    Purpose: All fuel chimney, ideal for residential heating appliances burning wood, #2 oil, natural and LP gas.
    Size: Inner diameters for 6", 7", and 8"
    -Stainless steel hard pack chimney
    -Type HT Chimney, Listed per UL-103 plus the addition of exhaustive and stringent high temperature testing.
    -Tested for maximum continuous operation at 1000 deg F. flue gas temperature
    -Tested at 1400 deg. F for one hour
    -Tested at 2100 deg. F for 10 minutes
    Installation requirements:
    -2" clearance to combustibles
    -Chimney height needs to extend 2 feet higher than any material within a 10 foot radius

  • Direct Vent Chimney

    Direct Vent Chimney System
    Direct vent gas burning equipment
    Sizes: 4x6 or 5x8
    -Silconized fiberglass seal
    -304 Stainless steel welded seam inner flue
    -LockTab security
    -Pipe rotates easily to align system components
    -No-sealant required
    -High efficiency performance
    -Omni, ITS/Warnock Hersey or CSA tested and accepted

    Installation requirements:
    -See appliance's installation manual for requirements.
  • Pellet


    Type of chimney: Bio Vent pellet pipe
    Purpose: for approved pellet appliances Sizes: 3u201d
    - Gasketed sealed connections
    - gauge Super-Ferrite Stainless Steel inner pipe
    - Galvanized outer pipe
    - UL tested to UL641, ULC ORD C441-1992, and ULC S609-M89 Report #369-P-01-1
    Installation requirements:
    - 1"clearance to combustible material
    - Follow pellet appliance installation manual


    Type of chimney: Excel pellet vent
    Purpose: for approved Pellet appliances
    Sizes: 3"
    -Laser welded stainless steel inner wall

    -Laser welded galvanized steel outer wall

    -Tested and listed to UL 641
    -Factory installed silicone rubber gasket (no extra sealant needed)
    Installation requirements:

    -1" clearance to combustible material
    - Follow appliance manufactureru2019s instructions
    Chimney calculator link:


    Type of chimney: Selkirk Pellet vent pipe
    Purpose: Venting for pellet burning appliances
    Sizes: 3" or 4"
    - Inner wall 304 stainless steel
    - Outer wall paintable galvanized steel
    - Gasketed joint design
    - Tested and listed to UL-641, as well as, UL-103 in applicable requirements

    - System rated for flue temperatures up to 570u00baF
    Installation requirements:
    - 1" clearance to combustibles
    - Silicone sealant needed at all joints