Mantels and Shelves

Mantels and Shelves

A wide variety to choose from!

Fire Glow is a distributor or dealer for each of the manufacturers listed below. We have one of the largest displays of mantels for you to browse through in the region.

  • Mantels consists of shelf, breast plate and legs framing the fireplace's facing.
  • When fireplace's facing is too large, or hearth too small, just the shelf may be more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Sizing your fireplace: please complete measuring guide.
Important features of your fireplace to be aware of when selecting a mantel:
  • The fireplace opening in relation to wood mantel legs and breast board. Want to make sure wood is far enough away to avoid fire hazard.
  • Mantel sitting against stone or wall. Mounting issues as well as filler/scribe sizes are important.
  • Facing depth for mantel to wrap around fireplace and touch wall-will affect shelf length and depth.
  • Length of hearth (stone/tile extending out from front of fireplace). Mantel legs sit should sit on hearth.
  • Available in various styles, sizes, construction material, and finishes.

Do you want the stone look? Andalus Stone mantels, imported from Spain, give your fireplace a classic, elegant, refined look. If cost is a factor, Premier Mantles' thin cast stone can be substituted.