Free Standing Wood Stoves

Freestanding stoves allow the placement of a wood burning appliance without the need for a fireplace. Stationed on a non-combustible stove board, free-standing wood stoves offer a beautiful view of roaring flames in a controlled environment, where air flow into the sealed stove can be regulated through knobs. Stove styles range from elaborate, enamel cast iron to plain black steel to fit any taste and home. Some have blowers available to push heat into the room and other features, including pedestals and trim options or color options for enamel stoves.

Freestanding stoves can be placed almost anywhere to facilitate the flow of heat so long as clearances to combustibles are observed. The piping vents out the back of the stove or the top and single wall pipe can be used for 8 feet or until it meets the wall or ceiling before it must switch to double wall pipe. Draw collars can also be used to ensure a good draft if issues occur with venting.

Small Heater: heats up to 1100 square feet
Medium Heater: heats 1200 to 1800 square feet
Large Heater: heats 1900 to 2300 square feet
Extra Large Heater: heats over 2400 square feet